Tang Soo Do for Teens and Adults

Range Martial Arts East teen and adult class sessions are for anyone wishing to learn the art of Tang Soo Do. The students that attend these classes range in age from 13 to over 55. Experience of the students in class range from first-time participants to those that have had their black belt for a number of years. Many of our students are family members and attend sessions together.

Korean terminology is used frequently by the instructors and students in order to help promote the Korean heritage of the art. Students are taught various aspects of the art through instruction, lectures, games and repetition. Techniques are taught in much the same way they have been taught for centuries as they were handed down from generation to generation; however, individualized attention is given to help make them understood by each student.

The instructors for these classes help students work toward their goals whether it be to learn their next form, pass their next test, or to reach black belt. Techniques are taught to each student and reviewed from a number of certified black belt instructors. This serves as a check system to ensure that students are learning correct technique. It also gives the students instruction in different styles for the same techniques to reduce frustration and promote growth and knowledge.

In addition to terminology and physical technique, students learn about honor, obedience, respect, focus, self-control, brotherhood, confidence and even humility. These traits help develop leadership skills within the community while we provide students with a family-oriented setting.

Ages: 11 yrs old and up*

Classes: Monday & Thursday 4:00pm - 6:00pm

What To Expect

Tang Soo Do classes at Range Martial Arts East vary from session to session and from instructor to instructor. Generally, time is taken each week to learn new techniques, review testing requirements, and practice known techniques with additional instruction. Some days are "work-out" or "drill" days. During these sessions, students are put through a quicker pace for practicing than on learning days (less explaining, more doing) and may involve multiple stations for techniques, kick-boxing, games, or anything else the instructor may throw into the mix. Our instructors are here to help push you to your fullust potential, but you know your body's limitations - always tell your instructor of limitations or injuries.

If you come to class expecting to exercise and sweat, you will not be disappointed. If you want to learn the philosophy behind our techniques, our instructors are there to answer your questions. If you want to have fun while learning martial arts, we encourage it! You get out of the classes what you put into them with effort and an open mind.

*Ages vary slightly based on performance and experience.