Below you will find some of the questions that have been asked about our Tang Soo Do programs along with the answers that have provided. This list was started when questions were being asked about the announcement of the Remote Training option. If you have additional questions, email Mr. Koivisto.

  • Does the in-person class program still include remote classes?
    Yes, if you are enrolled in the Tang Soo Do program to train at the school, you are still able to access the classes via Zoom for days that you are not able to attend in-person. The Thursday Zoom classes will be focused on the remote membership students for their questions, etc., but you will be able to follow along with the class as a whole.
  • Will there be more than one in-person class a week?
    Yes! There are plans being worked on to get things back into shape to allow for in-person classes on both Monday and Wednesday each week. That will be announced when the time is near.