Current Season Special

Are you looking for a new experience? Maybe you would like to find an activity to do together with your family? Would you like to find an individual, acheievement-based activity for your child? Do you just want something you can do for a physical and mental workout? Come give martial arts a try! Martial arts isn't about fighting, it's about feeling confident in yourself, being rewarded for hard work, and improving yourself at your own pace in your own way.

Come join us for a season and get to know us. Become part of our extended martial arts family.

Summer 2019 Offer

For our summer season of 2019, we are offering 13 week memberships for Tang Soo Do or Haidong Gumdo for $250 to people new to those programs. Start as early as May 27 and continue through the last test day of the session on August 22.

This is a full package offer. The package includes a uniform for training, membership fees, tuition, and your first test fee. Haidong Gumdo students will be supplied with a practice sword.

Come try a week of classes free of commitment!

Youth Tang Soo Do - Ages 7 thru 12 and Teen & Adult Tang Soo Do - Ages 13+: Korean Karate skill development, patience, self-discipline, self-control, optional competitions.

Haidong Gumdo - Ages 10+. Korean swordsmanship skill development, patience, self-discipline, self-control, optional competitions.

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Other Programs

We have programs for everyone in the family whether they want to learn karate, are interested in swordsmanship, or would like to try something slower and focus on health benefits. In addition to the programs above, we have programs that are not continuously running (that have a break between sessions). For more information about these programs and sessions, contact us!

Tiny Tigers - Ages 4 thru 6. Motor skill development, patience, obedience, and FUN. Preparation for the Youth program.

Ki Gong - Creating a healthier self with breathing, meditation, and soft movements. Improved posture, better circulation, stress relief.