Registration Process at Range Martial Arts East

First Contact

A number of people contact us about our programs for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for something specific, while others just happen to see a martial arts place in the Thunderbird Mall and stop in. Most people who contact us have a general idea of what we teach and some expectation for themselves or their children. Whether you email, text, call, or stop in, we will do our best to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

Things To Consider When Contacting Us

  • What is your purpose for signing yourself or your child up for classes?
  • What are you expecting to get out of the classes?
  • Are you interested in sport-like competition?
  • Are you aware of any physical, mental, or emotional needs?

Being able to answer these questions, or mentioning your goals relating them, will help us evaluate how our programs may best fit you, your child, and any goals you may have. There is no "wrong" answer as they all relate to our school in some way. When you do contact us, mention that you have been to our website. It will allow us to be more focal with our initial conversation as well as keep track of how our website is working for us!

Children's Classes

Our Tang Soo Do program has a program for youth ages 7 and older. Sometimes when families join together, a younger student may be considered as well. Depending on the comfort level of the child, the first few classes may range from jumping right into class to only participating in part of class. Children's classes are taught along side the adult classes, and are often broken into smaller groups to allow for more focused instruction encouraging the learning process. Most children don't want to be singled out when they first start - they want to be part of the group. For that reason, nearly all instruction for children is done in a group to provide reinforcement of what they are being taught through all levels of their training. As they become more comfortable, additional tips may be added on an individual basis.

Teen & Adult Classes

To help ease some of that tension and frustration during the first week (or more), new students may be introduced to some of the basic rules and techniques with one of the instructors or senior students in a small group (sometimes 1-on-1) apart from the rest of the class. During this time they are able to learn the first points in their training at a comfortable pace, individualized for them.

It is important to note that the only expectation we have of new students is that they try. We hold no judgement on athletic abilities or personality traits - we've all been there at one point!

Trial Membership

Our classes are open to the public. Before you or your child can participate in classes, we will have you fill out a registration form. There is no commitment at this point, it is just a way for us to have a signed statement of participation. After you have given permission to participate, we will allow you to do so for free for the first two class sessions! We do this as a courtesy to all new students to let them decide if martial arts training with us fits their desires. We suggest loose-fitting, light-weight clothing. A t-shirt and sweat pants are common attire for the first few classes. Once your trial membership has expired, if you decide you or your child would like to continue, there are a number of options for enrollment.

The First Weeks Of Class

The first week or two of classes can be a little unsettling to some people that don't have any experience in a Korean martial art. We use Korean commands throughout our classes, and when you don't know what you are doing or what the commands mean, it's easy to become frustrated. Each of us were beginners at one time and we understand and will help you become more comfortable in class. Our instructors will often also use English in class while new students are learning the commands.

After The First Few Classes

Quite often, students that have participated in their first few classes may get sore muscles. This is common and many times expected - especially in adults and teens. Individuals that are involved in athletic activities are less likely to have this happen as their bodies are more conditioned to the movements. Don't let this discourage you or your child from training, it is just the body adjusting to something new and becoming stronger. This same thing happens in most physical activities, but you can let us know of your soreness and we can make some suggestions as to how the sore muscles can be helped.

Registration Forms

You may download copies of the initial forms that we request be filled out and signed before participation. We do have printed copies with some of the other information that can all be found on this website at the school's location. This is just a way to save a little time when you come in, or to be able to have a parent signature when the parent is not present.