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About Range Martial Arts East

Range Martial Arts is one of the longest running martial arts schools in northern Minnesota. We are a family oriented school focusing on the traditional values of the martial arts. We appeal to students of all ages, and offer programs for those seven years of age and older. Our school was officially opened in Chisholm, MN on June 1, 1989 by Steve Yukich and was passed down to Bryan Fagerstrom in 2003. October 10, 2016, Justin Koivisto opened the doors for Range Martial Arts East in an effort to grow the school and lessen the time and costs of driving for the students on the east side of the Iron Range.

RMA East offers the same Korean martial art programs that are available at the Chisholm location: Tang Soo DoHaidong Gumdo, and Ki Gong. The Tang Soo Do program has its instructors certified by the World Tang Soo Do Association where curriculum, competition rules, and testing requirements come from. The Haidong Gumdo program is part of the Midwest Haidong Gumdo group and belongs to the World Haidong Gumdo Federation. The Ki Gong program has curriculum, testing, and instructor review done through the World Ki Gong Club.

Class schedules are arranged to have all ages on the floor at the same time in order to allow family members to all train while eliminating the wait time for members in different age groups. Training for everyone is individualized and may be explained differently to each student in a way they can understand. We base promotion on individual achievement within guidelines set forth by the organizations we are part of. Every student has their own journey and should not compare their progress to that of others.


Range Martial Arts East is located inside the Thunderbird Mall at 1401 S 12th Avenue West, Virginia, MN. We are located on the east end of the main corridor.