Ki Gong with John Robertson

Schedule and Opportunities

This educational event is split over three days with multiple opportunities available led by three different instructors. Descriptions and times are listed below. The sessions are open to all experience levels - including those curious within the general public.

Friday Introduction Only: $20

Saturday or Sunday Only: $40

Saturday & Sunday: $75

All three days: $90

All sessions will be held at Range Martial Arts East inside the east end of the Thunderbird Mall in Virginia.


Our leaders for this seminar include Mr. John Robertson, level VII Master World Ki Gong Instructor; Mrs. Ramona Wickstrom, level VI World Ki Gong Instructor; and Mr. Justin Koivisto, World Haidong Gumdo Federation master instructor. The host for this event is Mrs. Rebecca Ekmark, level IV World Ki Gong Instructor

Friday, March 22nd

Introduction to ki gong

An intro to ki gong. Ramona will be going over some basic ki gong processes, such as stance and breathing, and as well introducing us to various meditation movements, such as silk reeling and the use of Chinese health balls. Go home relaxed, energized, and ready for the rest of the ki gong clinic!

Time:  6pm - 8pm

Instructor: Ramona Wickstrom

Saturday, March 23rd

Ki Gong (qigong)

Learn and practice the Rejuvenation Sequence, a self massage and stimulation exercise plus the 12 Points Tapping Routine & The Muscle Tendon Changing Classic.

Time: 9am - noon

Instructor: John Robertson


There will be one hour between sessions for lunch. We will be offering a boxed lunch from Kunaris on Saturday for $9.00. It comes with a sandwich or salad (restaurant's choice), chips, and a cookie. If you would like to 

Tai Chi Ki gong Shibashi

Shibashi is a sequence of simple movements that improve  balance and flexibility, enhance breathing and circulation, and relax both body and mind. T’ai Chi has been proven to help reduce the risk of falling. Participants work at their own level and can do the entire class sitting down, if desired. Learn the complete 18 movement form in one afternoon.

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Instructor: John Robertson

Intro to Haidong Gumdo ki gong

Join Justin, a member of World Ki Gong, as he introduces us to a simple meditation movement practiced by haidong gumdo martial artists.

Time: 4:15pm - 4:45pm

Instructor: Justin Koivisto

Sunday March 24th

Yang 24 Tai Chi Ch’uan

Practiced by millions of people everyday, they consider it to be an integral part of their lives, giving them good health, a calm stress free mind and a flexible body.    Through gentle movements T’ai Chi promotes serenity and relaxation; connecting the body, mind and spirit, balancing your life.

Time: 9am - noon

Instructor: John Robertson

Yin Yang 5 element theory and Meditation

Gain an understanding of the concepts of Yin & Yang, how they change into each other and how they describe the very fabric of the universe and how it changes.    Learn a meditation that can connect you to those energies, helping you to live life in harmony with the universe allowing you to live a longer, happier, healthier life.

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Instructor: John Robertson

Online Registration

Please use the form below to submit your registration for the event. You will be able to pay registration fees online afer submitting your information. If you would like a printable copy for registration, please contact Rebecca Ekmark. Payments may also be made in person at the door.

Event Date & Time

Saturday, March 23 - Sunday, March 24


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