Fun Outside: Disc Golf @ Olcott

Head over to Olcott Park in Virginia and join parents, instructors, and students in some disc golf fun!

This is a FREE gathering to give students, instructors, and parents alike some time to have fun and socialize outside of the dojang setting. If you have discs, bring them with and join the game! If you don’t have discs, you will still be able to play as some of us have extras to use! Keep score or not - it’s up to you.

Not part of our school? No problem! Come meet us and join in the fun!

  • Please remember to bring water to stay hydrated! RMA East will bring some from the dojang and provide it for the same prices as in class.
  • Participants that bring their own discs should have them labeled. (You already do, right?)
  • If not participating with your children, drop-off is 9:30am or later, and pickup is 11:30am or earlier.

Event Date & Time

Saturday, June 30

10:30am - 12:30pm