Cutting on the Range 2019

Annual cutting party hosted by Range Martial Arts East! Each year we grow, and have had a ton of fun in the past with people from schools as far as Omaha participating! Join us this year for our 5th annual event! We will be holding the event on August 10 at the same location - Camp Shimgum.

Those that were attended during a previous year will be familiar with the format. There will be plenty of cutting going on, food available, some refreshments, and plenty of room for camping overnight. (You may bring snacks and beverages for campfire socialization afterward!)

Bring your own swords or make arrangements ahead of time. Sharp swords should be double-pinned, full tang, tight hardware. Under 18 need to have a responsible party present. Paper cutting available with wooden or unsharpened metal blades as well.

New This Year

While just cutting is great and can keep most of us busy and having fun during the entire event, we are considering some things to help keep the energy up and things flowing. Below are some of the things that we are currently tossing in our planning discussions.

  • Free Cutting - This is the same thing that we've always done for the event. It's been entertaining, educational, and successful.
  • Combo Cuts - A rotation between stations, each with a particular combination of cuts to perform.
  • Multi-target - We set up targets for you, you cut them in your own sequence - think of all those event demonstrations.
  • Tactical Course - There is a goal to accomplish before time runs out.
  • Cutting Competition - PanAm written rules for bamboo cutting.
  • Cutting Competition #2 - PanAm written rules for bamboo cutting, but also score on angle of cut (45 degrees).
  • Paper Cutting Competition - Paper cutting with moggeom with lined paper.


Haidong Gumdo students of all Midwest Haidong Gumdo schools are invited. Color belt students should first get their master's permission to attend. Non-student guests may participate with a reference from a martial arts instructor - contact Master Koivisto ahead of time.

Just like previous years, we will request certain safety behaviors at the event. BRING A BELT to help hold your sword. Participants may download, print, and sign the liability waiver that must be turned in before participating.

Registration Open

The registration fee for this event is $45 ($100 family max) for payments received July 15 or later. Please be signed up before August 1st so we can have proper preparations in place. You may send payment for multiple members or a family registration via PayPal to

All questions regarding the event and registration should be directed to Master Koivisto.

Event Date & Time

Saturday, August 10

11:00 am - 8:00 pm