Using Your Martial Arts Training

Saturday night I had to use my martial arts training to defend myself and my family. You may have a bunch of images in your mind of what may have happened. The better you know me, the more accurate your images may be. Let me give you some details.

My wife, daughter, and I had just gotten out of the movies. We were on our way home and driving through a construction zone at 11:15pm. The only light we had was from our headlights. There was only one lane to drive down, and it was surrounded with orange barrels. As we approached an intersection, I saw a bus (or maybe a large RV, I couldn't tell in the dark) approaching from the left to make a right turn. In an instant, I watched the bus turn right in our direction only to realize they were missing their lane and about to come directly in the one we were in! I did not have any time to think as they were coming fast and no sign of slowing. We were about to be hit head-on.

Without hesitation, I quickly calculated the gaps between barrels on my left and gaps in pylons on my right visually. I then cranked the wheel hard to the right, then to the left again. This got me in between two barrels, parallel to the road, safe on the other side of the barrels, and only partly in the ditch as the bus rushed past us. Once past, I turned back onto the road between the next set of barrels. Luckily, there were no others behind us. It was only last night that I noticed there was a little damage to my vehicle: a small nail in one of the tires - a $10 fix.

What does this have to do with martial arts? Well, it turns out this has been covered before in a blog post about martial arts instructors teaching you to drive better! In addition, another aspect of this situation was also covered: high-speed problem solving. Thanks to my instructors that I've had through the years, I managed to use the first rule of self-defense that I was taught (awareness of situation) and high speed problem solving to not only save myself from extensive damage to my vehicle, but also to save my family from harm.

This is why I train, and how I use my training daily. Why do you train, and how do you use yours?