Things Are Different With Others Around

This is a topic that came up during a recent class while talking with one of my adult students. This particular student has been involved in sports as a coach for many years, so it is something they had noticed in their athletes as well as in themself. It seems that when you practice alone - or even with a small group - things seem easier. In martial arts, the same can be said for practicing or performing with a group of peers compared to being in front of an instructor.

At the last Midwest Haidong Gumdo master's training session with the World Haidong Gumdo Federation's President of Education, Jeong-Woo Kim, I had felt this same effect myself. Master Kim had reviewed many skills over the three-day session. Most of these skills I was quite confident in as I was preparing to test for rank promotion. There were, however, a number of times where I was asked to perform something for Master Kim and I found myself not being as confident as I had been moments ago while practicing with peers - even finding myself having problems with parts that earlier were smooth. Because I had just talked about this with my own student, I recognized each of those moments and took note. This likely has to do with the Ki energy or aura of the people around you.

To help overcome this, I find someone that causes this sensation or feeling when they are near. Being in their presenece for longer periods of time may be enough, but I find that practicing with them watching or standing close also helps the feeling deteriorate. I try to push myself to have them observe increasingly difficult or more involved techniques and patterns until I finally can feel comfortable with them near and overcome. Using this process, I have become much more comfortable with demonstrating for my instructors or even instructors of other schools. The feeling never seems to be completely gone, but the acknowledgement of it helps very much.

This is something that anyone can try in their martial arts training - or even in your professional or personal lives. Once you become satisfied with the results of one person, the cycle begins anew by finding someone else that makes you have similar feelings. The continued process helps you to be able to accept the energy or aura of individuals by being much more aware of it, tending to reduce the clash or uneasiness of the interaction.