RMA School News - Oct 2018

We have a slightly modified format for our newsletter this time around as we try to find the most effective way to present all the information to all of our members! Have thoughts on the format? Let your instructor know! We are open to suggestions.

Each of the dated items below have color-coded tags with them. #hashtags show the art or activity the item is for. @rma or @rmaeast show which location the item relates to. We've done this because many of the items have been repeated for each location, and opportunities were getting missed because students were only reading a portion of the newsletter. We are hoping this format will help the information reach everyone more efficiently!

@rmaeast is part way through our fall cycle with schools now in session! We are moving forward toward our November testing and starting to schedule new school events into 2019! Intent to Test forms are now being accepted and can be found in your Kicksite account under the Document Library.

  • Sep 29: Sweat Crawl in Chisholm. RMA is participating as Station 2 in the rotation. No classes there that Saturday. @rma
  • October: The Kigong featured set of exercises for the month of October will be O Hang Gong. #kigong @rma
  • Oct 2-25: Chisholm Community Education sponsored classes open to the public during those weeks' classes. $50 for the week-classes. #tangsoo @rma
  • Oct 5-6: The next WTSDA Region 3 event is being hosted by Omaha Tang Soo Do! Learning sessions and a NERF war during lunch! Information can be found online at https://wtsda-region3.com/events/2018-fall-clinic #tangsoo @rma @rmaeast
  • Oct 10: Our 2nd year anniversary in Virginia! Thank you for supporting us and helping us grow enough to continue classes here. Helps us spread the word so we can continue to grow, improve our school, and keep classes in Virginia! @rmaeast
  • Oct 15: Tiny Tigers session starts in Virginia! More information on our Schedule and Tiny Tigers pages. #tigers @rmaeast
  • Oct 20: Mr. Sam Wilkes will be returning to our school as the first guest instructor of our 3rd year in Virginia! You can get registered online now. #judo @rma @rmaeast
  • Oct 27: Master Belanger has invited us to participate in events he is holding in Indus, MN (closer than the Twin Cities - but north!) He has sparring and sword seminars going on there (same as we've done here in the past) for $25. It's a great opportunity to go meet more of his students. Master Belanger has traveled to our sparring seminars in the past. #tangsoo @rma @rmaeast
  • Oct 30: Halloween Safety LD and TT Classes in Chisholm.  Wear your costumes to class that day. #dragons #tigers @rma
  • Oct 30: Testing for the General class only. #tangsoo @rma
  • Oct 31: The Thunderbird Mall will be holding their annual trick or treat event from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. During that time, we will be having activities, games, and candy for our visitors! @rmaeast
  • Nov 1: TSD Intent to test forms are due by the end of classes! All past tuition and testing fees must be paid when forms are turned in unless other arrangements had been made prior. If forms are not turned in by then, you will not be testing. Once you've turned in your form, you've committed to a goal of AWESOME by test time - work hard and crush it! #tangsoo @rmaeast
  • Nov 3-4: HG seminar with Midwest Haidong Gumdo. If you planning to attend and are not registered yet, do it today! #haidong @rma @rmaeast
  • Nov 12: TSD testing begins in Virginia. Because Thanksgiving is in the middle of it all, there will be a make up/fun week Nov 26 & 29! #tangsoo @rmaeast
  • Nov 21: The HG color belt test will be held in Virginia starting at 6:30pm. #haidong @rma @rmaeast
  • Dec 1: Fall session belt graduation ceremony will be held at 10:30am. The ceremony has been taking less than an hour to complete the last couple times we've done them. Students get to show off their forms and do a board break for their family and friends, then have their new belts presented to them! #tangsoo @rmaeast
  • Dec 15: [Tentative] Aikido introduction seminar. More than four hours plus a 60 minute lunch break. Ages 12 and up or advanced green and up. (If in doubt, ask Mr. K.) More information to follow next newsletter. We will be looking for interest over the next month to see if this is something we will be able to make work! If you are interested, let your instructor know! #aikido @rma @rmaeast

Do you like what we do? Are we providing a positive experience? Do you have questions, suggestions, or would like to offer help? If so, let us know! Contact the following instructors with your feedback! Criticism is just as important as praise as it helps us evaluate everything that we do.

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Chisholm, MN
218.254.5962 (voicemail)

Range Martial Arts East
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