RMA School News - Nov 2019

  • Nov: Kigong in Chisholm will feature Awakening Tae Kuk Ki Gong. @rma #kigong
  • Nov: Haidong Gumdo classes for Chisholm students are available on Saturdays after Tang Soo Do class by appointment. If you'd like to be in class those days, be sure to check with Mr. Tindal in teh Band app to be sure someone will be available. @rma #haidong
  • Nov: Haidong Gumdo classes in Virginia are now available on Sunday evenings: 5:30pm - 7:00pm & 6:30pm - 8:00pm. @rmaeast #haidong
  • Oct 22-Nov 14: Class for the Chisholm Community Education Campaign will be held. @rma #tangsoo
  • Oct 29: Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons Halloween Safety class.  Wear your Halloween costume to class! @rma #tigers #dragons
  • Oct 31: No Tiny Tiger, Tang Soo Do, or Haidong Gumdo classes on Halloween! @rmaeast #tigers #tangsoo #haidong
  • Oct 31: The Thunderbird Mall will be holding their annual trick or treat event from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. During that time, we will be having activities, games, and candy for our visitors! Those that would like to help should talk with Mr. Bennett. @rmaeast #tigers #tangsoo #haidong
  • Nov 1-3: Midwest Haidong Gumdo testing and seminar in Fridley, MN. @rma @rmaeast #haidong
  • Nov 4: TSD color belt testing begins! @rmaeast #tangsoo
  • Nov 13: HG color belt testing night. @rmaeast #haidong
  • Nov 13: Mrs. Ekmark will be leading Ki Gong in classes this day! Students, parents, and guests are all welcome and encouraged to participate! Sessions will be at the end of TSD class (5:00pm) and just before the HG color belt test (6:30pm). @rmaeast #haidong #kigong #tangsoo
  • Nov 18: TSD color belt rank graduation. New ranks will be awarded, students will perform some skills for parents and guests! @rmaeast #tangsoo
  • Nov 28: No classes Thanksgiving Day. Be thankful and enjoy family time. Happy Thanksgiving! @rma @rmaeast #tangsoo

Looking further ahead...

  • May 15-17: Home on the Range 2020 with John Robertson, WKG Level VII Master Instructor as our featured guest instructor. Learn Tai Chi, Five Animals Frolic and other Ki Gong exercise sets. @rma #kigong
  • July: The 2021 WTSDA National Championship event will be held in Chicago, IL. More details will be announced as they are available. @rma @rmaeast #tangsoo
  • Oct 16-18: The 2020 Fall WTSDA Region 3 event will be held in Chisholm, MN. More details will be announced as they are available. Anyone that would like to volunteer to help make this a great event should contact Mr. Koivisto. @rma @rmaeast #tangsoo

@rmaeast students and parents: Don't forget to get into the appropriate BAND for the program(s) you are part of. It is a great way to stay in touch with students and instructors, know important dates, and even share pictures from class and events. It is also the quickest way to find out if classes have been canceled due to bad weather or road conditions! Tang Soo Do · Haidong Gumdo

Do you like what we do? Are we providing a positive experience? Do you have questions, suggestions, or would like to offer help? If so, let us know! Contact the following instructors with your feedback! Criticism is just as important as praise as it helps us evaluate everything that we do.

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Chisholm, MN
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Range Martial Arts East
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