RMA School News - Nov 2018

@rmaeast is ending our fall cycle this month! We are moving forward toward our testing and scheduling new school events for 2019!

@rmaeast students - look for BAND app invitation URLs in your email version of this newsletter!

Oct 29: Mrs. Ekmark will be starting another session of Ki Gong in Virginia on Mondays at 10am starting on 10/29. Classes will be held at the Olcott Park Greenhouse#kigong @rmaeast

  • Oct 30: Halloween Safety LD and TT Classes in Chisholm. Wear your costumes to class that day. #dragons #tigers @rma
  • Oct 31: The Thunderbird Mall will be holding their annual trick or treat event from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. During that time, we will be having activities, games, and candy for our visitors. All welcome! @rmaeast
  • November: Ki Gong classes will be focused on Awakening Tae Kuk. #kigong @rma
  • Nov 1: TSD Intent to test forms are due by the end of classes! All past tuition and testing fees must be paid when forms are turned in unless other arrangements had been made prior. If forms are not turned in by then, you will not be testing. Once you've turned in your form, you've committed to a goal of AWESOME by test time - work hard and crush it! #tangsoo @rmaeast
  • Nov 3: HG seminar with Midwest Haidong Gumdo. If you planning to attend and are not registered yet, do it today! #haidong @rma @rmaeast
  • Nov 12: TSD testing begins in Virginia. Because Thanksgiving is in the middle of it all, there will be a make up/fun week Nov 26 & 29! #tangsoo @rmaeast
  • Nov 21: The HG color belt test will be held in Virginia starting at 6:30pm. #haidong @rma @rmaeast
  • Nov 22: No classes at either location for the holiday - spend time with your families if you are able! #haidong #tangsoo #kigong @rmaeast @rma
  • Dec 1: Fall session belt graduation ceremony will be held at 10:30am. The ceremony has been taking less than an hour to complete the last couple times we've done them. Students get to show off their forms and do a board break for their family and friends, then have their new belts presented to them. This will include our first class of Tiny Tigers!  #tangsoo #tigers @rmaeast
  • Dec 15: Aikido introduction seminar. Four hours of training with a 60 minute lunch break between sessions. Ages 12 and up or 6th gup green and up. (If in doubt, ask Mr. K.) The session will be $35 for those that register and submit payment by Dec 3, and $45 for those that register later or show up at the door. Online registration is now open! #aikido @rma @rmaeast

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