RMA School News - May 2018

Range Martial Arts

Spring has finally sprung!

  • The Chisholm Community Ed Campaign has concluded.  It went very well and several of those students have decided to continue training in TSD.  Welcome to Range Martial Arts!
  • Several students competed in the Region 3 Championship and all of them brought home at least one trophy. Those students worked hard and the judges noticed! Congratulations to Mrs. Fagerstrom (she was runner up for the cup in her division), Nico Cianni, Chloe Smith, Nicholas Lange, Benjamin Fagerstrom, and Thomas Fagerstrom. Also, Mrs. Wickstrom was awarded Region 3 Instructor of the Year.
  • The May featured exercise set for the kigong classes will be Bo Kun Jang Soo Gong, also known as the Longevity exercises.
  • May 10th we will celebrate mothers.  We encourage mothers and grandmothers to join the students on the mats May 10th.
  • The last day to register for WORLDs is May 15th. If you have any questions about the WTSDA World Championship being held July 13 & 14 in Greensboro, NC, please ask.  This year for the first time ever, they are also hosting a two-day clinic the two days prior to the championship days.  Ask about it.  Read about it at the WTSDA website or in the newest Spring 2018 Newsletter.
  • June 14th we will celebrate fathers.  We encourage fathers and grandfathers to join the students on the mats June 14th.
  • Watch for information about our participation in the Land of Loon Parade on June 16th.
  • June 19th is the next Test Day!

Range Martial Arts East

We had only two students participate in the WTSDA Region 3 2018 Spring Championships last weekend. Both of those competitors did very well! Cayden Lindberg took 2nd place in forms and third place in sparring; Rodney Salo took 1st place in forms. Congratulations to our competitors!

The weather is getting warmer, and the sun is visiting with us much more! During summer session (starting soon!), we will be allowing students to choose to wear special t-shirts to regular classes instead of the traditional tops. There will be an order form for the shirts available soon with more information.

We'd like to give everyone a friendly reminder that the water and juice in the refrigerator is available for students with a suggested donation. These items will only be available as long as the donations are able to pay to keep them stocked. During the last couple weeks, the water and juice has gone at a quicker rate than usual, but very little was added to the bucket. The suggested prices are 25 cents for the small water bottles (10oz), 50 cents for the large bottles (20oz), and $1 for juice. Students may also bring their own water for breaks.

There are new WTSDA Newsletters on the check-in counter for those of you that would like one. There is a lot of information about what is going on in the association, information about this year's world championship, and even an announcement that our studio application for RMA East was accepted! (We hope to get the plaque to display soon.)

  • April 30: Tang Soo Do testing begins! Be sure to show up for as many sessions during the next two weeks as possible to get your scores up and be evaluated for rank promotion.
  • May 12: Graduation Ceremony for belt testing. Invite family and friends to come watch demonstrations and promotions of students to their next ranks. Ceremony starts at 10:00 am!
  • May 5-6: Haidong Gumdo seminar with Midwest Haidong Gumdo. If you are attending and are not registered yet, do it today!
  • May 14: Tang Soo Do summer session starts, and it is the perfect time to bring in your friends to try some classes with you, or come back to classes after taking a break.
  • May 14: Tang Soo Do class schedule is shifting to our summer hours in the new session! There will be Tang Soo Do classes on Wednesdays from 4:00 - 5:30 pm instead of Saturday to free up weekend time with your families.
  • May 14: Ki Gong session is planned to begin in Olcott Park for a 6-week run. More details to follow on our website and the Range Martial Arts Ki Gong Facebook page.
  • May 14 - June 11: In honor of mother's day, the mothers of students and new sign-ups train for FREE. Mothers already participating in class with their children will have a month credited to their current membership. Mothers of current students will have their chance to get on the mat and try out classes!
  • May 24: Summer session school shirt order is due by the end of class on Thursday! These shirts will be the only acceptable alternative to the traditional uniform top for Tang Soo Do students during summer session. Order forms will be available in class or by request about May 14.
  • June 16: Land of the Loon parade!
  • June 18 - July 18: In honor of father's day, the fathers of students and new sign-ups train for FREE. Fathers already participating in class with their children will have a month credited to their current membership. Fathers of current students will have their chance to get on the mat and try out classes!
  • Aug 11 - Cutting on the Range 2018. Our 4th annual Haidong Gumdo school event.

Do you like what we do? Are we providing a positive experience? Do you have questions, suggestions, or would like to offer help? If so, let us know! Contact the following instructors with your feedback! Criticism is just as important as praise as it helps us evaluate everything that we do.

Range Martial Arts
Ramona Wickstrom
Chisholm, MN
218.254.5962 (voicemail)

Range Martial Arts East
Justin Koivisto
Virginia, MN
218.262.9870 (voicemail, text)

Bryan Fagerstrom
218.254.5962 (voicemail)