RMA School News - Mar 2018

Range Martial Arts

Spring is only about three weeks away! All this snow will melt fast now.

  • March 3rd is the Perrella Home Show in Hibbing at the Memorial Building from 10:00-11:00 a.m.  Students are ready!  Please wear your dobohk pants and a t-shirt and carry your jacket and belt until you find the demo location inside the building.  Try to arrive about 9:45.  Tang Soo!
  • Academic Rewards Program:  It will now be on a quarterly basis.  If you are on the A honor roll for,the quarter you will receive a 30% discount on all Century items you order.  If you are on the B honor roll you will receive a 15% discount.  We have not received the 2018 catalogs yet, but you may go online to do your shopping.  Write down the item name and number for Mr. Fagerstrom and he will order it for you to get the discount.
  • March 15 our classes will be more open to public participation.  Mrs. Fagerstrom has collaborated with the Chisholm Community Ed program to offer a family night during our class times that day.  Look for more details in the near future.
  • Chisholm Community Ed will also be offering 4 weeks of sessions for individuals during April’s classes.
  • March 20 is test day.  The is during the regular class times, however the General Class’ Gup Test will go longer.  We will be checking eligibility and physical requirements in the next two weeks.  Please have all tuition up-to-date, a clean dobohk, and 100% Tang Soo Do attitude.
  • Region 3 spring championship and clinic is in Spring Valley the weekend of April 20-22.  That is just a bit south of Rochester.  Registration is available online.  If you have questions please ask one of the instructors.  If you need help registering, we can help with that, also.

Range Martial Arts East

Spring will be here soon! We continue to make some small changes at the school in hopes to make your experience better. If you have feedback, please let us know! 

  • There is now an announcement board set up at the front of the school in the window. The intention is to have any events or activities written there as a visual reminder of what is happening in the school. There were a couple instances where someone said they were not made aware of something that had been announced, so hopefully this will help prevent that in the future! Remember to check our website, facebook, or twitter pages for class cancellation announcements or new article posts!
  • March 3 - Both RMA locations will be doing a demonstration at the Perrella Home show from 10:00-11:00 a.m. at the Hibbing Memorial Building.  We will demonstrate all three of the arts we train: Tang Soo Do, Ki Gong, and Haidong Gumdo. We will be looking for volunteers to participate in these demos as well as leaders to help organize during the coming weeks. Mr. Tindal will lead the haidong gumdo portion, and Mr. Bennett will lead the Tang Soo Do portion for RMA East. There will not be a place to change into your uniform there, so please wear your uniform pants there. You can put your uniform top and belt on at the demonstration.
  • March 10 -  Mr. Sam Wilkes will be coming to us for a seminar on falling and rolling! He will be providing us with instruction to be able to fall, roll, or be thrown confidently to help prevent injury. The seminar will take place instead of the normal Saturday class and will cost $20 per student to participate. Take advantage of this time with Mr. Wilkes as you will be using this knowledge throughout your training! Online registration is available now at rmaeast.com Registration deadline is March 8.

Looking ahead:

  • April 7 (date change) - RMA East is hosting Master Robert Frankovich of Pine Tree Taekwondo for a sparring seminar. Students from Karate North schools are also invited. We're hoping to have an even larger turn-out this year! Last year we had around 30 participants. rmaeast.com has registration already available! Registration deadline is March 26.
  • April 7  (date change) - RMA East is hosting Chief Master Robert Frankovich of White Tiger Martial Arts and Midwest Haidong Gumdo for a student seminar. If you're curious about the art and want to give it a try, this would be a great opportunity! Last year we had around 25 participants. rmaeast.com has registration already available! Registration deadline is March 26.
  • April 20-22 - WTSDA Region 3 Spring Championships will be held in Spring Valley, MN. For more information and registration link, see the WTSDA Region 3 Event pageEarly Bird Registration deadline is March 31, Final registration deadline is April 7.
  • April 30 - End of cycle reviews begin in TSD!