RMA School News - Jul 2018

Range Martial Arts

The June test at Range Martial Arts in Chisholm was a success!  All who tested passed and two Tiny Tigers moved up to Little Dragons with outstanding test results.  Congratulations to all of you for executing a great test!

Thank you all of you who participated in the Land of the Loon Parade.  Hopefully next year we will not get stormed out of our chance to do a demonstration at Olcott Park.

  • Mrs. Fagerstrom and Mrs. Wickstrom will be featured in the "Girlfriends" magazine due to hit the local stands the last week of June.
  • The Kigong classes featured set of exercises for the month of July in Chisholm will be the "Six Healing Sounds".
  • There will be no Kigong classes July 10th, 14th, or 24th. It will be a busy month for Ramona.  :)
  • Yes, there will be classes July 3rd and 5th at RMA in Chisholm. Enjoy the 4th safely!
  • WTSDA World Championship in NC will be July 13-15. Mr. Fagerstrom and Mrs. Fagerstrom will be gone the 12th-15th. Mrs. Wickstrom will be gone the 10th-16th.
  • SWOP (Summer Work Outreach Program) will be at RMA in Chisholm for their annual self defense workshop on July 19. Any gup student who would like to assist, please talk with Mrs. Wickstrom. There will be about 40 youth from around the Range who will participate.
  • There will be a black belt pre-test at Range Martial Arts East on July 21 beginning at 9:30 a.m. until about noon.  Any student who is a 3rd up and up is invited to participate in this pre-test to get some black belt test taking practice.
  • The Annual Range Martial Arts Picnic at Mr. Fagerstrom's house will be August 25.  More details will be announced.

Range Martial Arts East

We had an excellent turnout for the Land of the Loon parade! Unfortunately, we got rained out for the demo. There were 24 students and instructors from the Range Martial Arts schools walking in the parade along with some of the parents and grandparents! We'd like to thank the six people from the Chisholm school that came long for supporting us as well.

Don't forget about our referral program! When you refer a new student to the school, you get two months added to your enrollment for a program of your choice when they have paid through their sixth (6) month of enrollment. Some of you have already taken advantage of this, and I would like to mention that there is no limit! One of our gumdo students has been hard at work spreading the word, and has had people come and try out five program slots already.

  • Jun 18 - Jul 18: In honor of father's day, the fathers of students and new sign-ups train for FREE. Fathers already participating in class with their children will have a month credited to their current membership. Fathers of current students that aren't currently training will have their chance to get on the mat and try out classes!
  • Jun 30: Come meet with us at Olcott Park in Virginia to play some Disc Golf with us! More information can be found on the event page and on Facebook.
  • Jul 16-19: Last challenge week of summer session! This session's challenge item is Tae Geuk Il Jang. It is a form that is taught in taekwondo school associated with the Kukkiwon reviewing board. Challenge items are not part of our curriculum and graded, but can be used to help improve scores during testing, be performed in demos, and just be something new and fun.
  • Jul 21: Black Belt Pretest 9:30am. TSD students of 3rd gup (advanced brown) and above are invited to participate in a black belt pretest. Participants will be able to experience what is involved in a black belt test and the endurance needed to make it through. This is a challenging session! Black belts and candidates will be reviewed by sam dan instructors from the RMA schools in preparation for their next test. All black belts from both schools should consider participation! 
  • Jul 23: Last day to turn in your Intent to Test forms for Tang Soo Do. It is your responsibility as students (and parents of students) to sign up for testing for rank. If you do not have forms and fees turned in by the end of week 10, you will not be evaluated for rank during our review and testing weeks (but you are still allowed to participate!).
  • Aug 11: Cutting on the Range 2018. Our 4th annual Haidong Gumdo school event.
  • Aug 13: The next Ki Gong session in Olcott Park begins.
  • Aug 25: Range Martial Arts Annual Picnic will be held at Mr. Fagerstrom's house! Food, games, and great fun for all! More information available next month!

Do you like what we do? Are we providing a positive experience? Do you have questions, suggestions, or would like to offer help? If so, let us know! Contact the following instructors with your feedback! Criticism is just as important as praise as it helps us evaluate everything that we do.

Range Martial Arts
Ramona Wickstrom
Chisholm, MN
218.254.5962 (voicemail)

Range Martial Arts East
Justin Koivisto
Virginia, MN
218.262.9870 (voicemail, text)

Bryan Fagerstrom
218.254.5962 (voicemail)