RMA School News - Dec 2018

@rmaeast is beginning the winter session! There will be some slight tweaks to the #tangsoo program including an announcement next month.

@rmaeast students and parents look for BAND app invitation URLs in your email version of this newsletter. It is a great way to stay in touch with students and instructors, know important dates, and even share pictures from class and events, but only if you sign up!

  • Dec: Kigong in Chisholm will feature the 110 Paces set. Come and work your balance, focus, and lymphatic system among other things like lots of fun with the great people who participate in this class. #kigong @rma
  • Dec 1: Fall session belt graduation ceremony will be held at 10:30am. The ceremony has been taking less than an hour to complete the last couple times we've done them. Students get to show off their forms and do a board break for their family and friends, then have their new belts presented to them. This will include our first class of Tiny Tigers!  #tangsoo #tigers @rmaeast
  • Dec 3: Mrs. Ekmark's Ki Gong session will be ending. The next session will be announced when it has been scheduled. #kigong @rmaeast
  • Dec 3: New curriculum cycle starts for all programs! Tang Soo Do will be back to the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule. This is to help with Tiny Tiger class scheduling as well as leaving weekends open for family. #tangsoo @rmaeast
  • Dec 10: Century catalog orders must be in by 10:00 am to be sure to get the gifts arrive in time for holiday giving. @rma @rmaeast
  • Dec 15: Aikido introduction seminar. Four hours of training with a 60 minute lunch break. Ages 12 and up or 6th gup green and up. (If in doubt, ask Mr. K.) The session will be $35 ($95 family maximum) for those that register and submit payment by Dec 3, and $45 ($125 family maximum) for those that register later or show up at the door. Online registration is now open! #aikido @rma @rmaeast
  • Dec 15: Last day that the gift table will be up in Chisholm for this Holiday season. @rma
  • Dec 18: This quarter’s Tiny Tiger, Little Dragon and Gup Test in Chisholm. #dragons #tigers @rma
  • Dec 24: No classes on Monday, December 24. @rmaeast
  • Dec 25: No classes on Tuesday, December 25. Enjoy your Holiday! @rma
  • Jan 1: Cutting in 2019 - Haidong Gumdo class members will be performing 2,019 cuts at 10:30am in Virginia this year. Don't skip out on a truly terrible workout to start the year off right! #haidong @rma @rmaeast
  • Jan 5: NERF Combat! From 9:30am - 11:00am, you are invited to come have fun with our staff! FREE for rmaeast students, $5 for all others. #nerf @rma @rmaeast
  • Jan 7: Due to requests received by parents of Tiny Tigers classes, there are some changes to the program. We will now be holding class two days a week! The next Tiny Tigers session in Virginia will be held on Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30pm - 5:30pm. Class is limited to 10 students! Registration opens on December 1#tigers @rmaeast
  • Feb 23: Winter session belt graduation. #tangsoo #tigers @rmaeast

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