RMA School News - Aug 2018

Range Martial Arts

We are back from the WTSDA WORLD Championship in North Carolina.  Mr. Fagerstrom and Mrs. Wickstrom volunteered for the First Aid Team while Mrs. Fagerstrom was a Time/Score Keeper on Friday and a Corner Judge on Saturday.  Mrs. Fagerstrom and Mrs. Wickstrom were in the same Division and did well.  Both took co-3rd in Weapons, Mrs. Fagerstrom took co-3rd in Forms and Mrs. Wickstrom took co-3rd in Sparring. Mrs. Wickstrom was also inducted into the WTSDA Hall of Fame 2018 Instructor of the Year.

  • August Kigong featured set of exercises for August for the Chisholm site will be the other lengthier set of Six Healing Sounds.
  • August 4 Saturday August 4 we will participate in the Chisholm Doc Graham Days Parade.  Line up will be at 11:00 a.m. in the parking lot next to the football field/Armory.  The parade route is about 6 blocks long.
  • August 25 Saturday August 25 will be the Annual RMA Picnic at Mr. Fagerstrom's house.  Watch for details about time and fun.
  • September 1: End of Summer Break-a-thon! RMA East will be having a breaking event fundraiser based on pledges that students will collect. Pledge forms are available by request. The event will be held from 10am - Noon and include eggs to challenge your breaks ($1/egg), additionally, make Mr. K break up to four bricks with donations collected during the event! All RMA Tang Soo Do students may participate. Pledges to be turned in by end of classes Thursday, Aug 9.
  • September 15  A guest 5th degree black belt from Iowa will be here to work with students.  Watch for times and announcement of learning opportunities.
  • September 18  Tiny Tiger, Little Dragon and Gup tests.  Be ready, Students!
  • October 5 and 6  The Region 3 Fall Event is in Omaha.  Friday evening will be the Black Belt test and pretest.  Saturday will be a day of learning and fun.  There are plans for an "EPIC Nerf Battle" on Saturday about noon.  Nerf guns and darts will be provided if needed.

Range Martial Arts East

Summer session is winding down. Intent to test forms were due on July 23, and we will begin testing soon! Those of you that have been enjoying wearing t-shirts during class will not want to be reminded, but when our next session starts in mid-August, it will be time to go back to the traditional uniforms! We'll be starting to ramp up for back to school shortly, so watch for our new-student specials and get your friends involved. Remember, you get referral bonuses for people you get to join for six months!

Our first session with challenge weeks went well! During our last challenge day, we had all but two students try to complete the challenge, and all those that tried, succeeded! Great job everyone! Next session's challenge will be just a little more difficult.

  • Aug 4: Doc Graham Days Parade in Chisholm. Anyone that would like to participate should let Mr. Koivisto know soon. Line up is at 11am by the football field. The parade is only 6 blocks, so it will be done fairly quickly! Please consider supporting the Chisholm school as they support us!
  • Aug 6: Tang Soo Do testing begins! Be sure to show up for as many sessions during the next two weeks as possible to get your scores up and be evaluated for rank promotion. The written portion of the testing will be available for students on Wednesday, Aug 8 and Monday, Aug 13 only. Students will only be allowed one time for the written portion so we aren't causing problems with having partners for one-steps.
  • Aug 11 - Cutting on the Range 2018. Our 4th annual Haidong Gumdo school event.
  • Aug 13: Ki Gong session begins in Olcott Park for a 6-week run. Classes will be Monday each week at 11am by the old fountain. More details and announcements can be followed on the Range Martial Arts Ki Gong Facebook page.
  • Aug 15: Haidong Gumdo color belt test!
  • Aug 18: Graduation Ceremony for Tang Soo Do belt testing. Invite family and friends to come watch demonstrations and promotions of students to their next ranks. Ceremony starts at 10:00 am!
  • Aug 20: The next session begins! New material, new challenges, back to traditional uniforms during class.
  • Aug 25: Range Martial Arts Annual Picnic will be held at Mr. Fagerstrom's house! More information will be available online once we have it! Expect bounce houses, food, games, socialization, and sometimes guests from other schools! This event is open to for all Range Martial Arts and Range Martial Arts East members of any program.
  • Aug 20 - Sep 15: Back to School special trial sessions. More information will be available closer to mid August.
  • Sep 1: End of Summer Break-a-thon! We will be having a breaking event fundraiser based on pledges that students will collect. The pledge forms were handed out on July 23 in class and are available there. The event will be held from 10am - Noon and include eggs to challenge your breaks ($1/egg), additionally, make Mr. K break up to four bricks with donations collected during the event! All RMA and RMA East Tang Soo Do students may participate. Pledges to be handed in by end of classes Thursday, Aug 9.
  • Sep 15: We will have a special guest instructor coming in for a Saturday session! Details will be provided next month! Save the date!
  • Oct 5-6: The next WTSDA Region 3 event is being hosted by Omaha Tang Soo Do! Learning sessions and a NERF war during lunch! Information can be found online at https://wtsda-region3.com/events/2018-fall-clinic

Do you like what we do? Are we providing a positive experience? Do you have questions, suggestions, or would like to offer help? If so, let us know! Contact the following instructors with your feedback! Criticism is just as important as praise as it helps us evaluate everything that we do.

Range Martial Arts
Ramona Wickstrom
Chisholm, MN
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Range Martial Arts East
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Bryan Fagerstrom
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