Range Martial Arts East - Reopening Phase 1

Businesses around the state and local communities are starting to open back up. We too are looking into what will need to be done in order to keep our students and instructors safe for conducting classes. Governor Walz released the state plan for opening up businesses, and martial arts facilities will not be able to open physically until Phase III or Phase IV of the plan. There is no solid information or dates set for either of those phases yet, but they look to be toward the end of summer.

Reopening Phase 1 will begin on June 1. We want you to feel safe. Therefore, our first phase of getting back to training will be done online. You will be getting all the same instruction while at your home from our instructors. We don’t know exactly what this will look like yet, but we will start with using Zoom. Class times will be split up by belt color group to make it more efficient for instructors and students alike. Those that are not able to use Zoom will have additional options tailored to them (talk with Mr. K privately for options).

As we return to training, we will be starting our summer season. This season will start with the material we had begun for the Spring season of which we only had a few classes. This is being done to ensure that nobody misses important guidance on material and to give students and instructors a chance to get used to the training method by using material already introduced to students. We will be discussing how to do testing and award promotions as we get into the season and see how things are progressing with the state plan phases. August 26 is the current scheduled date for a belt graduation.

All previously active students will have their membership period extended eleven weeks - the time period between when we shut doors through June 1. Mr. Koivisto will be going through all the students in Kicksite to make sure that they are activated, have the proper date set to their membership period, and will turn on notifications again. You will likely get a notice about how long it has been since your last class. If you are needing to pause your membership longer, you must email or call Mr. K so he can adjust the account properly in Kicksite. Tuition fees will be due as part of our official class schedule again. Students that keep their membership active will have access to the Kicksite account and our official Zoom classes. Instructors will take attendance for these classes and log it in Kicksite for the students. Attending these classes will count toward your promotion record. Students participating in class should have a camera available so that instructors can see students to be able to give pointers and help correct techniques. Students that allow their membership to lapse will not have access to Kicksite, but they will still be able to interact with us through Band and our Facebook student group.

The school is planning to be fluid during this time. We are considering this our Phase 1 for opening. As more information is available about how we can stay safe, the planning of Phase 2 can begin and start to be implemented. As we begin this part of our journey, all Range Martial Arts students - past, present, future, Chisholm, or Virginia are welcome to join us!

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. K at justin.koivisto@rangemartialarts.com or 218-262-9870. We will consider all feedback as we move our plans forward to help everyone be successful in their training as well as feeling safe while doing so.

Class Schedule

On June 1 at 4:30pm, there will be a check-in for students via Zoom. This check-in is the perfect time to ensure that video and sound works both ways for everyone. 

Starting June 2, our class schedule will be as below. All classes attended will count toward promotion.

Monday Tang Soo Do with Mr. Justin Koivisto,
Wednesday Tang Soo Do with Mr. Paul Valento,
Thursday Tang Soo Do with Mr. Scot Bennett:

  • 4:30-5:00 White/Orange belts (10th gup - 7th gup)
  • 5:15-5:45 Green/Brown belts (6th gup - 3rd gup)
  • 6:00-6:30 Red/Blue belts (2nd gup - chodanbo)

Wednesday Haidong Gumdo with Master Koivisto:

  • 4:30-5:00 Beginners: White thru Yellow (9th gup - 7th gup)
  • 5:15-5:45 Green thru Brown belts (6th - 3rd gup)
  • 6:00-6:30 Red thru Black belts (2nd gup+)

Mrs. Ryan Bennett will be running sessions for Tiny Tigers on Tuesday & Thursday. More information will be sent out regarding those sessions

All class schedules will be available on our school calendar as they are made available.

Additional Information

During phase 1 of reopening, students will be allowed to attend any session for their rank or lower. (Red belts can attend all times, but a white belt may only attend the one time.) Students that are interested in attending classes for a different art should talk with Mr. Koivisto. During this phase of reopneing, there is no charge to participate in a second art via Zoom!

Private or family lessons are still available with Mr. Koivisto, but will have a price attached to them going forward.

Phase 1 Questions/Answers about Online Classes

As soon as this announcement came out, there were a number of calls and emails. Therefore, see below for the answers we currently have for some of the questions that have come in.* Can we all be on different devices during online clasess, or does the whole family need to be on the same one?
Yes, each member can be on separate devices. As long as we are able to see the student, we know they are working and we can evaluate.

  • How will I know how to get online for the classes?
    Invitations will be sent to the email addresses that are listed in your Kicksite account or to an address that you have provided to Mr. Koivisto.
  • What if I missed a class?
    We are planning to record sessions and have them available via Kicksite. Details are not yet in place for how this will work.
  • How does tuition work?
    Tuition works the same as it did previously. In order to continue to have access to kicksite and the ZOOM classes, memberships must be current. Pricing can be found on our website at: https://rmaeast.com/information/pricing
  • How will promotion work?
    Students will be working toward their promotion through the online clsses the same as we did in-person. Some aspects will be modified to work without partners when needed. The program is still based on 1 or 2 classes average a week, but we will continue to provide additional options for students. We will continue to work through our curriculum and have some review points along the way. We are unsure how testing is going to work at this time, but it will be later in August with a graduation on the 26th.
  • Are classes really only 30 minutes for me?
    There will be 30 minutes of streaming instruction for each color group. However, there will also be a warm-up/basics video assigned for each class as well as a cool-down video - both to be done on your own. Therefore, if you are an orange belt, you will do the warm-up (about 30 minutes) before class time, then be in ZOOM from 4:30-5:00 to get instruction, and finally do the cool-down afterward (10-15 minutes). Therefore, you will have 1 hour and 15 minutes of training each day. If you are a brown belt, you could choose to also do the white/orange belt instruction class, giving you a possible 1 hr 45 minutes of training for the day.
  • What if I cannot attend these classes because of technology limitations?
    There are a couple options available, but you will need to have a converation with Mr. K to have things tailored to fit you. Send an email to justin.koivisto@rangemartialarts.com to start the conversation. Please briefly explain what you are or are not able to do and if you have suggestions.
  • How do I keep up with announcements?
    Join our TSD band if you are in the tang soo do program. Join the HG band if you are in haidong gumdo. You may also join our student group on Facebook (request to join).
  • What do Chisholm students need to know about "rotating curriculum"?
    I'll provide a high-level overview as there are too many details to put here. Our program is broken up into rank groups: white/yellow, green/brown, red/blue. All students in a rank group will be learning the same material. You will still learn all the same requirements to get to black belt, but it may be taught in a different order than you were expecting. Everyone will end up at the same point. There is more information in the rmaeast TSD White/Orange belt student manual in the Kicksite library on pages 23-24.
  • Are there special requirements for Chisholm students?
    No. The season will be begining at the same time for everyone, synchonizing the testing cycles between the two locations.
  • I've never taken a class, but I am interested! What are my next steps?
    It's great that you have found an interest in our school! We are currently working on a special online trial/benginner program with you in mind. Our Haidong Gumdo (sword) program is open enrollment and is able to take new members at any time. Unfortunately, we are not quite ready to open enrollment up for Tang Soo Do, but will have information out as soon as possible.