Range Martial Arts East - Reopening Phase 3

I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. We will be resuming some on-site classes starting the week of August 17 at the Range Martial Arts East school in Uptown Virginia (formerly named the Thunderbird Mall). Class times will be posted on our website, in BAND, and in our student Facebook group. We may also utilize Olcott Park for outdoor classes during favorable weather.

In order to help avoid unnecessary contact with others and aid in our continued social distancing, we’re asking students to wait in their vehicles until their class time. We also ask that only students enter the school at this time. Family members will be asked to wait outside at the time of pick-up in the designated exit area.

We will be checking temperatures with a no-touch temperature gun and asking health/symptom questions before students are allowed into the school. Anyone who is sick or has any symptom of sickness will be asked to go home. Upon entering the facility students are to immediately sanitize their hands and follow directions to get to their designated training area. All students and instructors will be distanced from one another (two mats are almost 7 feet), the mats have individual areas in red for students to readily observe. There will be no physical contact during class!

We ask that students arrive and depart in their uniform when possible in order to minimize time inside the facility and co-mingling with others. Please also use the restroom before coming to class. Our changing areas and restrooms will only be used when absolutely necessary.

We understand the desire to watch and be part of your child’s training, in fact, under normal conditions we encourage it! However, considering the current health concerns, we hope you can understand our decision in this matter. For those that are uncomfortable attending in-person classes at this time, live streaming of classes in the dojang will be available as a way to still be involved in the lessons or to watch your child’s progress. Classes will be available online each night through Zoom and will be counted towards your attendance for testing purposes.

At this time, we will be requiring the use of face coverings or a face shield to get to your individual exercise areas. Be aware that you may be asked to remove a mask momentarily while talking with Mr. Koivisto so that he can read your lips if you are not clear/loud enough. We will continue to monitor guidance from the state health department, CDC, and WHO. Masks and shields will not be provided. We suggest having a dedicated cloth mask or face shield for use only with martial arts, and to wash or sterilize it after each class. Those that do not have a mask or shield will be able to purchase one from our supply at the school, but we do not stock them, so we are limited.

More information will be supplied via email, band, and facebook.