Like or Understand Your Training?

In your training, have you ever found yourself thinking, "I don't like this" while being taught a new technique or pattern? Sure, we all have at one point, but was that really the case? Did you really not "like" what you were being taught, or was it just that it was new to you and you weren't sure of it yet? Think back, do you remember what that technique or pattern was? Did you eventually grow to like it? If so, it may not have been that you didn't like what you were being taught, just that you didn't understand it.

There have been many times that I had heard a student say that they did't like a particular technique. In tang soo do classes, the most common situation for this is while discussing the spinning back kick. Younger students often have trouble with which way to spin to execute the kick. Older students often have trouble with keeping balance to throw the kick straight toward the target. When a student has trouble with a technique, they can become frustrated. When they are frustrated, they say they don't like the technique. They will try and try to fix their problem by practicing the technique over and over again. It isn't until they get a deeper understanding of the technique that it is corrected. Many times after it is corrected, the student begins to like it.

The next time you find yourself thinking you do not like a technique or pattern, remember that it may be that you just don't understand it well enough yet. Take some time to think it through, listen carefully to what is being told to you, and ask questions of your instructors and fellow students to attempt to gain that understanding that you need to "like" that thing you're being taught.