Fall COVID-19 Restrictions

As you may have heard, Minnesota Governor Walz announced new covid-19 restrictions that affect us all starting Saturday, November 21, 2020. For the next month, we will not be able to hold class in person. Mr. Bennett will be continuing Zoom classes on Thursdays for our TSD students during this period, but we will not have any in-person training - including private lessons - until December 18 or later. In addition, I will be doing Zoom classes and private lessons on Mondays, and Mr. Valento will be doing classes on Wednesday. Details will be sent to student email accounts, in band, and in our student Facebook group this weekend.

Timing could not be worse for us because we had planned for testing next week. I will be conducting last-minute in-person testing on Friday this week. This will be the last chance for being in the school before shut down. We will move testing to Zoom sessions for those that wish to complete their testing but are unable to make it Friday. If you are interested in the Friday session, be sure to message me via email at justin.koivisto@rangemartialarts.com with your prefered time (TSD 4:30 or 5:30; HG 6:30) so that can get everyone scheduled.

We will continue to communicate via band, email, facebook, and in Zoom to help keep you up to date and supply each student training information and suggestions.

Obviously, we are worried about the longevity of the school using this model, and we will continue to need your support in order to provide future training opportunities. There are plans for the school for next year. There will be many changes in the school, the programs, and even curriculum. We are hoping to be able to share those plans with you as we are able to get back to the school for classes!

Stay Safe!

Mr. Justin Koivisto
Head Instructor
Range Martial Arts East

Update: Nov 19

In-person testing will be held on Friday (tomorrow) during our regular class times. I will post sign-ups for the TSD 4:30, TSD 5:30, and HG 6:30 times for people to sign up in Band. Please be sure to get your spot reserved as soon as possible so I can have everything in order at the school before the testing.

As much as people may want to be in class one more time before going back to Zoom, please do not sign up if you did not get paperwork in for testing.

Anyone that is unable to complete testing in-person on Friday will be able to schedule to have it done via Zoom next week. Do not panic or feel obligated, we will take care of you.

After scores have been calculated and reviewed, students will be notified via email if they have passed their test. Arrangements will be announced regarding the awarding of belts at a later date - the important part is that you know the results of the test.

For all Zoom classes, we will continue to use the same code that is currently used for the classes. The post is pinned to the top of the TSD band, and will be added to the HG band as well. There is no change in the link or password.

Tang Soo Do class will be:
Monday 4:30 - 5:15
Wednesday 4:30 - 5:15
Thursday 4:30 - 5:15

Haidong Gumdo class will be:
Monday 6:30 - 7:15

It is almost time for a resurgence. Let's whip this bug and show our communities how strong we are by pushing through these hard times and coming back even stronger!

Thank you!

Justin Koivisto
Head Instructor
Range Martial Arts East