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Frustrated Master Koivisto during one of his training sessions.

Habits in Competition and Testing

Some thoughts about how competition and belt testing preparations and goals are similar. more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

This is Easy!

Are things easy for you? Do you enjoy being lazy? How do those apply to martial arts training? more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do Technique

How to (or not) Attend a Seminar

A few tips that aren't talked about enough for attending martial arts seminars based on a recent experience. more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Be a Little Uncomfortable

We all get to that point where we have done a million kimajase. Another front stance? Seriously? I hear it! However, the moment you lighten up it shows in everything else... more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

When Do I Get To Test?

I've heard this question asked a number of times over the years from students. Not always from students that I interact with, but also from those in different schools or arts. Usually the student asking is under the age of 15, and usually below a 5th gup rank. I have... more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Using Your Martial Arts Training

Saturday night I had to use my martial arts training to defend myself and my family. You may have a bunch of images in your mind of what may have happened. The better you know me, the more accurate your images may be. Here's the story... more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Students Taught Differently

This is something one of our students has mentioned in conversations with me numerous times. He has been a high school ski team coach for many years. When you first read or hear it, it can be confusing; however, once you understand it, you more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do Technique

Doing the Climb, Reaching Goals

Two months ago I went on vacation with my family. One of the places we visited was Yosemite National Park. We spent a few days there enjoying the surroundings and exploring the mountain trails. One of those trails were long, difficult more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Martial Arts Between the Pictures

During my martial arts training, I've heard the phrase, "Martial arts is what happens between the pictures" many, many times. This past weekend was no exception! I can recount three times in a two-day period that Master Robert Frankovich more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do Technique

Relax Those Shoulders!

One of the consistent mantras I use when I am teaching the adult class is “take a deep breath and relax your shoulders.” My favorite time to bring it up is just before our students are starting a form. As well, when I am practicing more »
General Haidong Gumdo Ki Gong Tang Soo Do

The Importance of Muk Yum

Meditation. The horror! Sitting or standing in silence? That is not what I would expect when I go to a martial arts class. I have those mad skills to hone! ...said every martial arts student when forced to meditate for the first more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Preparing for Testing

As I sat here this morning, sipping my tea, I realized there has not been a blog post for a while on the site. Since one hasn't been submitted to me from other instructors or students, I figured I should throw one together quickly. Forgive more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Like or Understand Your Training?

In your training, have you ever found yourself thinking, "I don't like this" while being taught a new technique or pattern? Sure, we all have at one point, but was that really the case? Did you really not "like" what you were being more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Help Your Personal Training

There are many things that attract people to martial arts training. Each potential student has their own reason for being interested. There are a number of important points about training from "why do it" to "how to do it." Since martial more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Humility (or The Seven Tenets, part 1)

Integrity! Concentration! Perserv….blah de blah blah. The seven tenets - we recite them at the end of every class. We know them by heart, and they have in many cases become rote. We can speak them and not have our minds present on the more »
General Tang Soo Do

An Unexpected Training Tool

I've been writing posts for this blog for over a year now. In that time, I've written about kicking, performance, motivation, cross training, and what instructors are. For each of those articles, I relied on my experiences as well as information more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Logging Training

Yes, please! I don't mean you have to go out in the woods and use fallen timber. (Although that is an option!) The kind of logs I am talking about are records to use for future reference. The reference can be for yourself, for your more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do


In a simple world, you should commit to your family above all. Next you should commit to your job that supports your family, or your schooling that will get you that job. What little time you have left to commit after that is set aside for everything else more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Keeping Motivated Through Attitude

Inevitably, some time in your training you will feel a lack of motivation. This usually happens at certain points in your journey where things change greatly. For instance, in our Tang Soo Do classes, we find that 6th Gup Green belt, 1st Gup more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Performance and Training

During my martial arts career, I've learned that if you simply want to "learn that form" or "learn those techniques," that is exactly what you will do. You will learn how to perform something - much like a dance routine. Many young martial artists more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do

Power of Intent

Not long ago, I was able to participate in a weekend-long training session with Chief Master Marshall Parnell. During part of his lecture he was explaining how you should practice. He had hit on every point that I had been attempting more »
General Haidong Gumdo Tang Soo Do