Range Martial Arts East Announcements

Fall Season Training

Our Fall season has begun for Tang Soo Do and Haidong Gumdo! Students are working toward their next belt ranks to be awarded Wed, Nov 25. During this transitional training seasion, there will be a number of changes in the school, including some construction. Students, please keep up-to-date with class-related announcements in Band.

Remote Training Available

We're started a new program at our school to help those that are unable to attend in-person classes or are uncomfortable with those classes at this time. You can find more information on our Remote Training page.

New COVID-19 Restrictions

The Governor of Minnesota just announced new restrictions that will be in place starting  Nov 21. Read about rmaeast shutdown plans.

Tiny Tigers Postponed

We are not currently holding classes for our youngest group because of an instructor shortage due to injuries and health concerns. We will be reevaluating our situation in January in hopes of being able to add the 4-6 age group back into our weekly classes.